Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment Provides New Critter Cube Expression Book & Critter Cubes As Teaching Tools For Self Confidence and Self Esteem

  Critter Cube Expressions Coloring Book provides opportunities for children to enjoy creating verbal and written expressive stories.  When coupled with the Critter Cubes themselves the children, parents and teachers can have fun together crafting new original stories specific to each child.   A great tool for developing self confidence and self esteem in communication skills for children.



Video of "Piper", a lovely 6 y.o.,  enjoying the first Critter Cube Expression Book




     Benefits of the Critter Cube Expressions Coloring Book:

  1. Creative time spent between parents and child

  2. Personal book developed on theme of Critter Cube characters by child

  3. Encourages verbal, written and graphic expression

  4. Enhance child's vocabulary by recording expressions

  5. Provides opportunities for children to share their book with peers

  6. Public speaking skills developed as each child explains "his/her" book


From a former, retired public school teacher upon seeing the Critter Cube book and video: 


        Maybe you could run an experiment at the Academy where Piper is enrolled.   Their parents have the "time" to sit down with them and help them.  If you took just Piper's class and made The BOOK  that Ian wrote a joint homework project between parent and child...for every student in the woud improve the self-esteem level by leaps and bounds.  Every student needs to have a book.  Have the parents to PRINT each answer that their child gives in the book for them,  ALWAYS encouraging and NOT putting down "WILD" answers.  I just know that the kids will remember from their joint homework and reading aloud in class the next day would be fun and not a burden on those who lack self-confidence.  The new vocabulary would stick like GLUE!  Do you think I'm crazy or do you think it will fly?  In the public school sector, where I taught, it would take older students, helping younger students with this exercise because so many adults are working several jobs just to make ends meet and unfortunately, some kids have parents who have not had such opportunities themselves.  The adults need to watch the video that you and Ian made, so that they know how to do the project.  What a jewel you two have come up with!  The kids will so much enjoy the stories of the other students too!  Super! Duper!!!!  Dottie 



Video of "Piper", a lovely 6 y.o.,  enjoying the first Critter Cube Expression Book