Saturday, February 13, 2016
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Outdoor Children Friendly Festival- HerbFest


  Outdoors, Free, Pet & Kid Friendly Festival - HerbFest


  Join us each year, 2 each 3 day weekends outside with dogs welcome including pet petting for the kids.   Kids learn about growing plants, where food comes from ( not from local grocery store as is perception) and the benefits of organic produce locally produced.   

  Fun and learning times for kids sharing good times with family.   Free entertainment often by Franklin Academy band, performing arts, choral, art dept. and much more.   Come see us and have fun.



What is the annual HerbFest?


Janna, Graham & Paige Johnson   

The Herbfest is the major fundraiser for the Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment.  Our son, Graham, loved to interact with the customers who attended the Herbfest each year.  He had learned much about the different types of herbs and enjoyed exchanging that information with the customers.  It was also a "money raiser" for him although he insisted his bringing the trays of herbs to the customers car was part of our service, not for a tip, however he lost many of those arguments simply because they appreciated his kindness.   Today we continue to depend on the HerbFest for helping provide funds for the GJCAE. 


   For non GMO, organically raised and grown herbs and some local perennials visit the HerbFest held the first Friday, Saturday, Sundays after April 15 each year. 


History of Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment

The Story of Graham Johnson

The Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment was formed in memory of and to honor the life of Graham Patrick Johnson. Graham was a student at Franklin Academy in Wake Forest, North Carolina and a very special person. His life and how he lived it, and his love of the arts are the inspiration for this organization.


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Welcome To The Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment

Welcome to the Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment Site


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